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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. >> into for decades about sandusky? >> i'm jim donovan. details about small peels of information burried in those pages, that many are keying in
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on, but that may not be the whole picture, correct, joe? >> reporter: you got that right, good afternoon. now, here is the full file of those documents, released by the courts this morning, they've grabbed so much attention, but, it is this small part of it that's really narrowed down people's attention, detail of secret battle between penn state and if its insurer, if they've covered or able to cover for the millions paid out to sandusky victims. now the difficult question posed: did joe paterno know about some details of sexual abuse dating back to the 70s, well, the answer is hard to come by. >> reporter: penn state and it insurance carrier have been battling over who is responsible for covering millions of dollars in sexual abuse settlements. in hundreds of pages of documents, unsealed by philadelphia courts on tuesday morning, penn state's insurance carrier tries to make the case at the university fail to disclose sexual abuse reports over the years. and that as a result it, shouldn't have to pay out the claims. at the center of it all, one
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allegation of abuse that dates back to 1976, in a deposition, the accuser testified he made a report to head coach joe paterno. exhibit i is the document in question. it suggested after jerry sandusky molested john doe 150, the teen requested a meeting with coach paterno. in a university hallway the deposition shows the teen testified he tried to inform paterno that sandusky sexually abused him. it is alleged paterno fired back: i don't want to hear about any of that kind of stuff, i have a football season to worry about. the accuser acknowledged he wasn't clear on many of the details of the exchange with the coach, only that it is claimed paterno never responded. it is also claimed the accuser john doe 150 never again brought up the subject until 20 years later in the mid to late 90s, according to the documents. penn state has since paid out tens of millions of dollars to settle sexual abuse claims.
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>> now the paterno family released this statement reading in part, quote, the materials released today relate to go joe paterno allege a conversation that occurred decades ago, where all parties except the accuser are now dead. in addition, there are numerous specific elements of the accusations, that defy all logic and have been never subjected to the most basic objective examination. most significantly, there is extensive evidence that stands in stark contrast to this claim. now, the university also releasing a statement that even though settlements have been reached, it is important to reiterate the alleged knowledge of former penn state employees is not proven, and should not be treated as such, of course, this is a developing story, much more starting at 5:00. live in the sat center, joel holden, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much, joe. meanwhile, in other news, a 15 year old boy is shot dead after a game of basketball. now, philadelphia police are trying to track down the killer who also injured two
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other teens. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo with the latest on what police believe led to the shooting. >> philadelphia police are searching for a killer, a gunman, who they say, attacked a group of teenagers here in cobbs creek, after they finished a game of basketball in a popular neighborhood league. >> we have a loss of someone just trying to dot right thing. it really hurts. >> tyrone simms founded the league 15 years ago, as a way to keep kids busy during the summer. monday through friday evening, hundreds of kids come here to play in the park. he says the games have never led to the type of violence that unfolded last night. three teenagers, ages 14, 15, and 16, were shot, the 15 year old shot in the head, and killed. >> he played the game of ball with good passing. he loved the game. >> gunfire errupted around 10:00 monday night, not even block away from the court at the corner of baltimore avenue and edgewood street. last games had just wrapped up. the teenagers were walking home, simms says the 15 year old had gotten in a argument
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the week before with a spectator, he says, that spectator came back last night, homicide is investigating. >> for whatever reason, an individual hands a gun to another one, in the investigation, that individual starts to fire. >> heart broken friends revisited the scene tuesday morning, meantime, simms has canceled tonight's games, but plans on speaking with his players on the court, and he's urging their parents to join. >> we need the support of them to be involved, we need to continue to stop what's going on here. >> two teens who were shot and injured are in stable condition. meantime, homicide is now leading up this investigation. they are tracking down a number of suspects, but they need a better description. so anyone with information is asked to give police a call. reporting in cobbs creek, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". city workers are on the scene after building collapse in philadelphia. chopper three was right here over the rubble along the 4600 block of germantown avenue. work was being done on the row home next-door, when the adjoining house came crumbling
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down. a woman, who was inside at the time of the collapse, describes what it looked like. >> just came down. you just seen a whole bunch of smoke and dust, like 9/11, it just got real dark. i seen it falling on the cars and stuff. i heard my daughter screaming. >> miraculously, no one was hurt. the red cross will be assisting the family who lived there. authorities say at least 20 people are dead after two commuter trains collided in southern italy. cbs news correspondent anna reports from milan. >> reporter: the trains crashed head-on in the italian country side, stirring some cars off the track, and leaving victims trapped in twisted wreckage. rescue crews in the region rushed to save people. local reporters say a child was pulled out alive. police at the scene tried to console distraught family members as workers carried away victims in coffins. >> some passengers were able to walk away from the crash.
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this woman is eight months pregnant. she said: i was thrown forward. i saw my father, and my sister bleeding. investigators say, one of the passenger trains was supposed to wait for a green light before heading down the single rail line. it is unclear how many people were on board the four-car trains, which served students and commuters. italy's prime minister pledged to find the cause of the deadly crash, and calls it a moment of tears for the country. anna, cbs news, milan. >> reporter: philadelphia police haven't found anything of substance yet in recent threats against the police department. in recent days, threats have been made against several districts, commissioner richard ross said the threats are connected to social media. >> fortunately, social media enables a lot of people to do a lot of things, some of it not the smartest things in the world. even if you have no intent of caring some of these things out, i can't begin to fathom why people do some of these
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things, the worlds we live in. >> the commissioner says, threats against police are taken as seriously as threats against the public. meanwhile, this noon, two suspect who were found with apparent smoke bombs on center city roof last night do not appear to be connected to terrorism. that is the latest words from philadelphia police, the suspects were spotted on the roof of the hyatt at the bellevue in center city. they had at least one camera, as well as the smoke bomb. police say, one of the suspects might be a blogger who likes to do things with photography. commissioner ross said the suspects might face at least criminal trespassing charges. >> president obama is set to speak at a memorial service in dallas today to remember the lives of the five police officers shot and killed in a ambush last week. cbs correspondent danielle nottingham is in dallas with more. >> president obama will pay tribute to the five dallas police officers at an interfaith memorial this afternoon. last night, more than a thousand people gathered at a candlelight vigil, to honor
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officers pa trish yao, michael, lauren, and michael, killed when sniper opened fire at a peaceful black lives matter protest. >> what is our mission today is helping these families understand how to comfort this tragedy. >> in a interview with the blade, the father of micah johnson expressed disbelief. >> my son ... >> two of the daughters treated, officers paid emotional visit to this emotional visit outside this police headquarters. >> why did this happen. >> brian williams, alexander eastman, told cbs this morning gale king, they have a mess ankle every unity for the divided nation. >> we all believe the same: there is no difference. we are all pink on the inside.
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>> the president will meet privately with the families of the fallen officers after the service. danielle nottingham for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, it is official. bernie sanders has endorsed hillary clinton for president. within the hour, the two appeared on stage at an event in new hampshire. sanders took time to thank all of the supporters and congratulated clinton for winning the nome things. he went on to say he plans to do everything he can to make sure she's the next president. >> meanwhile, donald trump is in the final stages of his pick for vice president, r he campaigned with chris christie yesterday, will meet with indianna governor mike pence at rally later today in end ann a penned and christie are rumored to be among the final vp candidates. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> the result after new pole asking new jersey voters whether casino gambling should be expanded in the state. plus, the survey says, ahead. >> and despite "black friday" in july, it is amazon's prime day, what the on line retailer promising twice as many deals as last year, you
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>> majority of new jersey residents say no thanks to new casinos. november's ballot will ask jersey voters whether to expands casino gambling. the public minds pole by fairly dickinson university shows 57% of respondents say no. 35% support it. well, for the second year in a row, amazon is holding amazon prime day today, annex cluesly a prime members, the company says it, will offer more than 100,000 deals, at
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least 20% lower than recent sales prices. experts circumstances you can expect big discount on video games, televisions, toys, computing devices, go pro bundles, and fit bits. amazon says inventory on television will be double what it was last year, on "black friday", and cyber monday combined. now, amazon is also expected to push its own merchandise, so look today for deals on amazon's fire, tv, fire tv sticks, echo, kindle e readers and fire hd tablets, and don't be surprise today see special door buster deals in limited supply aimed at luring new prime customers. now, prime membership costs $99, amazon offers 30 day trial period, to see if they think it is worth it, if not for you, just be sure to cancel the membership before the 30 days, to avoid being charged. and, you won't want to cancel these items, celebrating the best our city has to offer today. with the july-august issue of philadelphia style magazine. >> coming up: all things extravagant for the summer. we're talking luxury, katie. >> and i say sign me up.
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well, today, really looking ahead at some beautiful weather for the rest of the day here, the problem is eventually the humidity climbs, temperature climbs, threat for thunderstorms also climbs, so we will walk you through all of those details in your full forecast a
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>> if i had money in my pocket i would gave you a tip. >> this is a good day. >> isn't it beautiful? i mean, yesterday basically the most perfect summer day we've seen. we've had couple of really good once, but so nice, and it continues today. the only real difference, it is just a little more humid, just a touch, just a touch. >> smidge? >> we'll take it, just a smidge. >> i can deal with it. >> slow creep-up with the
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humidity, too, the next few days it, will get steamier, also certainly hotter, as well, so we'll walk you all through it, showers, thunderstorms do return to the forecast as well even as early as tomorrow for some of you. for now, we're smooth sailing. let's go ahead, take a look outside. ya, once more, storm scan totally empty. once down to virginia there seeing couple of things begin to bubble up. couple speckles on the radar, higher clouds starting to pop, generally speaking at least across the delaware valley for sure, things are totally clear, other than couple of patchy clouds along the way, we had some very vicious thunderstorms in the early morning, that were rumbling through kansas, missouri, part of larger system nudging our way, and eventually with time we will also have to deal with some showers, some storms, because of it, but for now, as we take a look at the comfort index, so as we call it, the dew point, in other words, measuring the moisture in the air, we are starting to see it nudge up a little bit. it is a slow creep the next few days. currently the dew dew point stas at 65 degrees. if you listen to me long enough, you know that i always say this: six an is kind of
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the benchmark for where it begins to feel little steamier. i wouldn't call it oppression i have at all, or even uncomfortable. it is just more noticeable, but it is july, it is what you would expect. so basically the stuff today, that the most perfect july days are made of. yesterday a bit of anomaly, without that kind of that high humidity. meanwhile, we're 82 degrees currently at philadelphia international airport. generally low mid 80s around the entire region, we're very close to our expected daytime high in mount pocono already, and it is a beautiful beach day, this is one sure spot that's pretty -- you got a lot of room to spread out basically, beach patrol headquarters in margate, seems to be this is one of those beaches that stays little light nerve terms of traffic on the actual beach. but, regardless, great looking forecast today as well as tomorrow, low mid 80s, really, really nice weather. come thursday, however, thunderstorms do return to the forecast, at the shore and everywhere else. now, i mention that even tomorrow there could be shower or storm. mainly from philly on west, and even really just say the western third of the delaware
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valley could see shower or thunderstorm, maybe few more clouds, but the further east you travel the more sun you will see. by thursday, friday, here we go again, back in the 90s, for couple of days, and it is also quite steamy, in terms of humidity, and we will be dodging the potential for couple of showers and thunderstorms along the way as well. now, that said, we've got one of my personal favorite events coming up on friday, your child could follow in the foot stills. join us on friday for the kid caster auditions again friday noon to 2:00 at the crayola experience in easton, pennsylvania, you can find all of the info you need at lauren casey will be broadcasting liver from the auditions friday on "eyewitness news" at noon, then next week we'll show you some of the auditions, also, right here on "eyewitness news" at noon. brooke, we send it over to you. >> hey there, celebrating the bells our city has to offer with a july-august issue of philadelphia style magazine. it is on news stands right now. the summer issue reveals the best of style guide.
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the area's definitive guide to a luxurious lifestyle of nagee isn't sal, everything extravagant. love that. joining me, kristin, thank you for joining us. >> always, so glad to have you here, love having you here. and there is something for everyone in this i shall knew. >> yes, our summer issue, july-august full issue, dny coverage, and 16 years running now, with the best and the brightest of what's happening in philadelphia. >> your favorite categories, your favorite, from each category, right? so let's start with shop. >> right. so third street habit is located in old city, kind of one of the old guard of the boutiques there, and if you are looking for summer essentials definitely check out their great straw totes, flip flop, sunglasses, and also those if you're on social media they have those amazing rounds beach towels, trending everywhere. so you can find them there. >> love. that will the next category is beauty. so i'm pumped about this, too.
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>> another one of my favorites. >> and the red house hotel and spa, where i go and get massages, treatments, offering this new brands, connecto. you can add it onto any of the services, diamond gold mask, great restore tiff, perfect for summer, you can tack it onto any of your treatments. >> that's awesome. up next, dining, i want to dive into this. >> isn't this beautiful? so this is a presentation for special events, you can order one, and they're really for the dining cat girl, kind of all about desserts, certainly one of my favorites, macaroons are all over the city about but these are some of my favorite at the lounge. >> love. that will let's see the style for culture? >> culture, whether you're a resident or visiting the city of philadelphia, definitely get out and seat landmarks this time of year. visit philly re brands dollars historic district, of course visit franklin square, betsy ross house, second bang has reopened which has ties to
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alexander hamilton, and amazing portrait gallery. >> and home, what did you bring? >> all of this fun stuff. century two # one, if you are like me, you are always kind of looking to upgrade your home, they have really great accents. i feel like the home section is kinds of the secret gem of century 21. >> it sounds awesome. i lover century 21. this week celebrating the winners with a best of style party. >> yes, thursday, at the kimmel center, invite only, and we invite all of our favorite friends to come, hang out with us, and music, and drinks, and food, and it is really great time. >> it will be a huge invite only party. >> it is. >> a thousand our friends are coming, so you'll be there? >> i'll there, and i'm there, too, so everyone needs to get that july-august issue of philadelphia style magazine on news stands right now, stay with us, we're coming right
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>> shining the light on per poor forming headlights, which suv's may not be the best to drive at night. new ratings are out today. i'll let you know which once did not make the grade tonight at 5:00. that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> jack: for my radiant wife and the hardest working senior v.p. in the company -- one nonfat, no-foam latte, one currant scone. >> phyllis: you take such good care of me. >> jack: when i'm able to spend time with you. you were out the door before i even woke up. the morning isn't the same when i roll over and you're not there. >> phyllis: well, with ashley trying to take some time off to help abby and stitch with this whole max thing... >> jack: and here you are selflessly doing what needs to be done so that she can be there for them. how did i get so lucky? >> phyllis: if "lucky" is the right word... >> jack: are you kidding me? everything you do for me, everything you do for my family? i love you, red. >> phyllis: i love you. i love you. >> billy: i want to be with you. i want a life with you, a future, and there's only one way o


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